Our Gatherings
9:30 AM Sunday School
10:15 AM Children's Church
10:30 AM Morning Worship Service
6:30 PM Evening Service
6:30 PM Children's and Nursery Ministry
6:30 PM Salt Youth Group
6:30 PM The Winning Life Groups
8:00 PM Corporate Prayer

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Service Times

Youth Ministries

Salt Youth

Meets every Wednesday night at the church.

Teen Bible Quiz

Meets every Tuesday night in the Senior High room off of the gym at 6:00. Come experience the proof of Psalms 119 as you hide God's word in your heart. This amazing discipleship tool will teach your children the importance of the word of God and give them a firm foundation in a world where a foundation is the only thing capable of ensuring that your child will remain standing.

Fine Arts

This is a national competition in many different categories of personal and group talents. There are categories from worship teams and individual solos, to photography and short sermons. Come find out what gifts and talents your child might be able to develop for the kingdom of God. This link shows some of our fine arts training from Four Points Masters commission for last years Fine Arts Festival. It is the video at the bottom of the page on that link...

Junior and Senior High Sunday School Class

Our teenagers are being led through a powerful Bible study called Experiencing God. The class is awesome and every week the teenagers come home learning a new aspect of who God is and how they can experience Him in their daily lives!

Junior High Small Group

Everyone knows what it's like to be left out and feel alone in a crowd. Well that's why we have Junior High small groups. We want each child to have an opportunity for others to get to know them on a personal level. Bringing down the size of the group is the easiest way to do that. Jesus had twelve disciples and we want your child to have the opportunity to see what it is like to develop relationships with a small group of teenagers like them, who are following hard after God!

Senior High Small Group

Giving the older kids a chance to talk about real life issues that the Junior highers may not be quite ready for. Our Senior high small group is a fun filled atmosphere where teens grow to trust one another with the personal issues that they don't want to share with the whole group. This is a very important piece of your child's growth and development in their walk with God and we urge you to make sure they become a part of it.