Our Gatherings
9:30 AM Sunday School
10:15 AM Children's Church
10:30 AM Morning Worship Service
6:30 PM Evening Service
6:30 PM Children's and Nursery Ministry
6:30 PM Salt Youth Group
6:30 PM The Winning Life Groups
8:00 PM Corporate Prayer

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Service Times

Adult Ministries

The Winning Life

Every Wednesday Night we offer ministry for every age group. Our adult classes vary depending on what cycle we are currently running. We have classes to take for those who wish to become credentialed in the ministry, whether for the purpose of entering the ministry full time, or simply for your personal growth and development. We offer many other classes that vary from topics like marriage and family, finances, spiritual growth, dealing with addictions, divorce care, and a multitude of others. Come join us for our Wednesday night classes starting at 6:30.

Connection Groups

We have several small groups that meet on Sunday nights throughout the school year, specifically targeting our adults. For more information on these, feel free to pick up a flyer in the foyer of the church. Get involved and Make the Connection!

Bible Studies

There are several different Bible studies that have branched out from our regular evening service times. More information on those Bible studies can be learned by calling our office and talking to one of the Pastors or our office staff.

Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry is Co-lead by Andrea Gardener and Roberta Guthrie. They are in charge of leading several outreach events and many internal events here at the church each year. If you are interested in getting involved with Women's Ministries Just contact either one of them VIA Facebook or by calling and getting their number from the church office.

Iron Men

A committed group of men who are seeking to be all that they can be in Christ Jesus our Lord. This in depth course takes men through a series of books on what it means to be a "man of God" and teaches them what it means to give ALL that we are to God. If you are a man who is looking for a deeper walk with your savior then make sure you contact Pastor Dozier and find out how you can get involved in this special group!

Senior Adult Ministries


This special group of 50's plus meets together for food and fellowship on a regular basis. If you fit this criteria and you love good food and fun, then this is one of the groups for you. Several of this age group are eager to get involved in ministry involving our kids and we welcome all comers. If you are eager to get involved with children's ministry then be sure to get a hold of Pastor Dale and let him know what areas you are interested in!

College and Careers

C & C Sunday School

Isaac and Heather Enochs feel a burden for this age group and have started a Sunday morning class just for them. It starts each week at 9:30 and as this class grows they are looking to branch out into other C&C areas as well. Come help us get this age group growing in our church. Ask not what this church can do for you, but what you can do for this church. Be a change maker!